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Demonstrating the True Value of Affiliates
Image Credit  T-Mobile

Demonstrating the True Value of Affiliates


On behalf of T-Mobile, acquisition manager at EE, Sachin Thanki, worked with media agency MEC's senior affiliate marketing manager, Jo Bargioni.

London-based Bargioni, who previously worked at Tradedoubler, spoke to PI about working with EE to gage the power of affiliate marketing, before looking at challenges surrounding the channel; in order to come up with a revenue-driving solution.

The US-founded media agency, which also has offices in 84 countries, was founded in 2002, employs more than 5,000 staff and has clients such as Sony, Nestle and Land Rover.

Q: In working with EE/T-Mobile, what was the problem you had?

JB: Understanding the true influence of affiliate marketing has long been a challenging undertaking. Extracting sales that have a single touch point before purchase from those that would have potentially ensued without the existence of affiliates is difficult.

This ultimately culminates in clients posing difficult questions about the validity of their sales, whether they would have sold these products regardless and quantifying exactly how much extra value they are gaining from affiliate sites. T-Mobile wanted us to investigate this and demonstrate to them the true value of affiliates.

Q: What was MEC's solution?

JB: Our response was PRISM – an interactive real-time dashboard providing impressions, click and sale journey customer analysis across all online channels.

We executed a comprehensive three month analysis of a consumer’s journey to purchase and the various interactions between different online channels (PPC, SEO and display) that occurred along the sale pathway.

The outcome was a dashboard that allows the user to select between one and 200 customer touch points on a consumer journey, easily identifies the interaction between affiliates with other channels, and provides an interactive ranking system that displays efficiency ratings for each individual affiliate.

Without a doubt the most advanced piece of customer journey analysis I have had the pleasure of working with in my experience in performance marketing," said acquisition manager at EE, Sachin Thanki.


Q: And the results?

JB: Not only did PRISM expose fascinating results, but it fundamentally changed the affiliate planning strategy for T-Mobile:

-Affiliate efficiency rating increased by 54.3% across the programme

-The average number of solo sales across the affiliates was 73%

-Up to 33% of sales were found to be assisted by other channels

-The analysis and data centric approach taken on all decisions across the T-Mobile programme, led to an impressive 23% growth.

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