The roll out of new revenue generators has not been well received by Facebook’s user base as according to research by Adblock Plus, only 3% of respondents like the adverts they see on the social network.

Mobile, another big money-maker for Facebook, has been given a monetisation overhaul too, but users of the network’s apps aren’t particularly fond of these ads either, with 70% objecting to the ads appearing through apps.

Should developers like those behind Adblock Plus create a way to block Facebook ads on mobile, then brand confidence in the social network as an advertising platform has the potential to drop off a cliff.

Facebook Ad Blocking

Indeed, 74% of respondents would use software that blocks any unwanted ads were it readily available, a figure that founder of Adblock Plus, Till Faida, believes should not be underestimated.

“While shareholders have shown strong support for Facebook’s advertising strategy, it is important to realise the amount of control that users have to manage what ads they see through the use of simple downloads such as adblockers,” Faida explained.

There is an alternative to the ads model that Facebook is currently pursuing. PerformanceIN recently investigated the freemium route and found that the social network could generate $1.1 billion each year based on its current user base.

Learning Lessons From Print

Two thirds (66%) dislike ads in their Facebook news feeds, but what’s interesting is that 63% are not bothered by advertising in print magazines, suggesting the social network’s media is more intrusive in some way.

Faida believes that consumers aren’t growing to become completely anti-advertising because of other media perceptions. “Our findings show that people have nothing against advertising, as it is accepted in a number of mediums from TV to print publications,” he said.

“The issue here is about people’s ability to control their online experience. Ads appearing in Facebook news feeds and through mobile apps interfere too much with the user experience.”