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Multinational Leads Company Sold
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Multinational Leads Company Sold


Lead generation outfit, Scoot Media, which counts Seat, C&A, Sensodyne and Volkswagen among its major clients, has been sold to investor Ramon Casander.

Erik Hoekstra, chief executive officer at Scoot Media’s previous owner, De Telefoongids & Gouden Gids (DTG), mentioned the parting of ways came about because of an adjustment in methodology. “DTG focuses its strategy on offering online marketing services for SMEs and Scoot Media no longer fits within this core,” he said.

However, Hoekstra was quick to emphasise that this did not detract from the great work being undertaken by Scoot. He said he had every confidence that the company’s managing director, Tim Roemer, could lift the company to a new international level.

More of the Same

Operating in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland and Austria, Scoot Media generates leads for clients through surveys and response pages. Details about the sale are scarce, but it has been revealed that there will be very few changes at the leads company.

In a statement released by DTG, Roemer talked about a real appetite among advertisers for lead generation and how being co-owner meant he would be more equipped to ensure Scoot takes advantage of these opportunities.

Responsibilities will be split evenly between the new owners. Roemer will keep an eye on the daily management of the organisation, which wants to grow its international footprint, whereas Casand will be monitoring the strategic framework.

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