Image-monetising affiliate technology, Roombeats, has received its first ever round of funding. Approximately €500,000 of investment has been fired into the Berlin company started by Markus Berger-de Léon and Florian Beba.

Roombeats is one of the many options materialising for publishers looking to add a revenue-making element to their images. It adds brand information, price details and a direct link to the relevant online shop, effectively making every photo an interactive display window.    

“We want to help users act on the spontaneous shopping impulse that images can create by making this quick and easy,” explains Berger-de Léon.

“Roombeats does this by offering the originators of these product images and messages, primarily manufacturers and online shops, the right tools to satisfy the needs of their target groups and save them long, frustrating searches.”

Leading Image Affiliate Tech

Creathor Venture, High Tech Gruenderfonds and Digital Pioneers are hoping the capital they have pumped into 2012-founded, Roombeats, will help it become the leading supplier of image-based content and affiliate marketing.

Ingo Franz, a partner with Creathor Venture, sees a benefit for any retailer that might not currently be utilising content or affiliate marketing channels to boost sales and revenue.

“This is not only an innovative concept, but one which is tailored to the individual needs of target groups,” Franz said. “That results in a substantive added value for owners of these images as well as online shops because it generates new business using existing online content.”