Mobile commerce and budget banking app CouProm has announced plans to target the New York tourism market with its discount offering.

CouProm is a subscription-based prepaid debit card linked to a mobile app and point of sale system; giving members access to real-time paperless discounts and benefits at more than 250,000 affiliated merchants in the US.

While many may associate online deal and coupon sites with users of a more ‘permanent’ residency, the 2012 US startup has decided to up its focus on a more transient user base.

CouProm’s director of strategic alliances, Elise Colomer, said: “We wanted to give tourists visiting NYC an easy way to stretch their dollars and get what they want, when they want it, where they want it.”

Points or Cashback

A cardholder accumulates redeemable points toward future purchases or a cashback reward.

By teaming up with New York’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organisation; NYC & Company, and the city’s Creative Theatre Marketing Media Group; which attracts visitors interested in Broadway shows, CouProm said this makes the business a prime saving tool for tourists.

The new venture allows tourists to download the CouProm mobile app for free, giving them access to the normally paid for subscription app – allowing them to view offers on dining out, name-brand stores or local merchants, car rental or visitor attractions etc.

CouProm founder and chief executive officer, Yoana Petit, said: “This is an important milestone in our journey not only to become the leading discounts and benefits hub for tourists visiting any city in the US, but also in our quest to provide the travel industry with innovative mobile and financial technology solutions.”

Access to the CouProm network’s discounts and benefits is free and valid for 30 days. With each discounted purchase made using the CouProm Card, a cardholder accumulates redeemable points toward future purchases or cashback rewards.

Cardholders cannot spend more than what they budget for and can readily track their purchasing history and savings using the mobile app.

Max Jennings, the co-founder of UK-based discount and voucher code site,, said while there is no doubt tourists represent an attractive proposition for UK retailers, proactively marketing vouchers and deals to one-off customers has traditionally offered far less long term value for publishers.

“However, works hard to ensure any visitor to the site has access to the very best content and user experience, whether they’re in the UK for a week or a long-term user,” Jennings said.

“Sites like ours will always have attractive content for overseas visitors, particularly in the form of printable vouchers for restaurants and attractions, so while building meaningful, long-term relationships will always be a focus, we cannot ignore the importance of less frequent visitors.”

Mobile Payment Innovations

The evolving world of mobile payment shows no sign of slowing down as more and more companies draw upon the benefits of smartphones and tablets.

Earlier this week UK mobile payment startup Zapp, which enables real-time payments on people’s mobiles through their mobile banking application, also announced a senior management ‘dream team’, set to be responsible for launching the new mobile payments system.

In other mobile payment news, San Francisco-based Square (image below), which allows small business owners to accept credit card payments with its small square credit card reader, has just updated its app.

Square, which is plugged into the headphone jack of a smartphone or tablet, now lets users record and track all kinds of payments, including checks and gift cards. Other updates all users to reconcile their ‘cash drawer’ quickly and easily with cash management