Mobile application distribution company, youAPPi, has built two new money-making services for mobile publishers that will complement existing display opportunities. The widgets are each based around the company’s own recommendation engine.

SmartApp offers personalised, content-related apps that can be embedded in a publisher’s own content. The second, SmartStore, is a full-page widget that recommends apps unique to each user and is featured as a full, added-value content section.

YouAppi has declared the widgets’ integration straightforward for startups and big app developers alike, with publishers only having to add a code segment to their mobile website or app.

Widget Engagement Data

Feedback on the widgets’ usage is said to be available. Real-time data can be viewed in the dashboard including installs and revenue tracking, so that marketing managers can track and oversee click-through rates and conversions.

There is a desire among mobile app developers to ensure all their revenue streams are compatible with each other, which Moshe Vaknin, chief executive officer of youAPPi, recognises.

“We strongly believe that all the different aspects of the mobile advertising ecosystem need to work together to monetise effectively,” said Vaknin “YouAPPi’s new service for publishers is designed to supplement mobile advertising and maximize mobile revenue intake.”