From mobile and performance networks to vertical sites, email marketing platforms and publisher tools, the digital advertising landscape is a complex one.

In an attempt to demystify the multifaceted structure across the industry in India, digital media network SVG Media has put together an infographic (click on image below for link).

The New Delhi- based business, which specialises in performance, mobile, data retargeting, display and rich media, has created and released the ‘Indian digital advertising landscape map’, which exposes the layers of operations, players in each category and the flow of funds and services.

SVG Media’s marketing and communications manager, Ekta Babbar, said: “We have often dealt with a lot of questions around the way digital advertising industry in India works. This industry in India is vast, layered and rather complicated.

“The landscape image is an attempt by SVG Media to uncomplicate the structure of this industry and make it easier for everyone to comprehend.”

From Data Aggregators to Ad networks

Developed by the LUMA Partners globally, the image gives a bird’s eye view of the leading players and the service providers.

The image includes agencies, demand-side platforms, retargeting networks, measurement and analytics firms, search/social and email marketing platforms; as well as ad-exchanges, data management platforms, data aggregators, ad networks, publishers, supply-side platforms, ad-servers and more

The company said every category in the Indian digital advertising landscape has been mapped as per its relevance to India in order to give an indicative overview of the industry.

SVG Media started its India operations in 2006 and also owns some of the region’s biggest players; such as Tyroo, Velocity, PrecisionMatch, DGM India and Platformplay.

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