Following successful trials with some of its leading customers, Californian-based startup Drawbridge has launched a new tool to allow mobile advertisers to reach consumers with retargeted ads – whether they use an app or browse the mobile web.

Its new cross-device mobile-to-mobile retargeting product allows marketers to insert criteria to define target audiences, and then target marketing campaigns based on this identity. For example, they can target ads towards lapsed users, or towards users who have not yet activated, or even target their most loyal and active users.

Drawbridge founder and chief executive officer, Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, said the results from the trial have been ‘extraordinarily strong’, as marketers who have targeted lapsed users have achieved more than a whopping 100% return on ad spend (ROAS) in under three weeks.

She also said the marketers who have targeted active user groups have received a 100% ROAS intraday (the incremental profitability from targeted users pays back the cost of the ad campaign within the same day), and that ‘no other marketing technique drives these instant results’.

Bridging the Gap

The ex-Google employee and former AdMob scientist, Sivaramakrishnan, said: “Marketing efforts in mobile have been concentrated in new user acquisition, as marketers scrambled in the land grab that mobile offered as a platform.

“However, many marketers have already acquired millions or even tens of millions of users, but they now need to turn their attention to tools and techniques that allow better engagement marketing towards this user base.”

Sivaramakrishnan said that techniques for re-engagement have been commonly employed for the desktop and in-app, but the company has found that such new techniques are also highly effective in mobile marketing.

She said mobile re-engagement differs from traditional desktop re-engagement techniques in many ways. And that Drawbridge’s new system aims to help solve cross device problems, by serving ads both in-app and in mobile web.