For the second quarter running, Stockholm-founded performance marketing network, Tradedoubler, has positive aspects to reflect on in the latest set of company financials showcased in its interim report for the first half of this year.

Profitability, in terms of EBITDA, has increased by SEK 700 thousand since the first quarter of 2013. Net sales have also improved by 4% on the first quarter of this year from -14% to their current -10%.

The UK and Ireland is one of Tradedoubler’s better-performing regions. Year-on-year EBITDA is up SEK 700 thousand, which, coupled with growth of EBITDA as a percentage of net sales, makes for some good news.

After revealing that it faced a difficult period late last year in terms of its client roster, Tradedoubler has made some big-name inroads. Amazon, Ikea, Honda, Ford, Kelllogg’s, Santander and more are now investing in the network’s business model.

Shareholder Confidence

Shareholders appear to have faith in the Tradedoubler management’s plan for the future of the firm too. Presently, the company’s share price is at one of its highest points for more than six months.

Tradedoubler’s president and CEO, Rob Wilson, spoke to investors in the report’s comments about how there is more to come from the network and that he still envisages further gains in the final part of 2013.

“The strategic changes we have delivered to date are significant, but we are still working tirelessly to achieve further progress,” Wilson said. “We follow our plan to return to profitable growth in line with the market during the second half of the year.”