Information and measurement company, Nielsen, has revealed its own view of the advertising landscape worldwide in the latest Global AdView Pulse report. Display is the big mover, according to these new statistics, with 26% growth for the first quarter.

In terms of advertising marketing share, display has some distance to cover before it encroaches on television’s continuing global monopoly. TV has a 59% share of advertising spend, but only grew 3.5% globally.

The overall display figure could be skewed slightly, with Nielsen admitting that it was only able to measure internet advertising in a smaller subset of countries. However, a 10% increase did still buck the general trend in Europe.

Similar Trends

Nielsen’s findings are in line with reports from several of the other trend-monitoring businesses that have released data on advertising recently. In the UK, research from the Advertising Association and WARC predicted a 10% rise in display activity for 2013.

Television is unlikely to be the only media set to haemorrhage advertising marketing share in the future. Randall Beard, global head of Advertiser Solutions for  US company Nielsen, believes print media still has some contraction to do.

“We see trends continuing in media, with less-steep ad spend increases in TV and very slight declines in print, making way for growth in the digital space,” Beard said. “Although these changes in traditional media are slight, it’s worth noting how the placement of ad dollars is shifting over time.”