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The UK's Favourite Premium Department Store
Image Credit  House of Fraser

The UK's Favourite Premium Department Store


House of Fraser talk about their 160 year history as the UK's favourite premium department store, their rapidly growing online store and what this means for their competitive affiliate programme.

Name: House of Fraser

Contact: M Herrera  / S Chima

Email: /

Tell us about House of Fraser

House of Fraser is the leading, national premium department store group in the UK and Ireland, trading principally under the iconic House of Fraser brand name through a portfolio of 60 well-invested stores, as well as through the rapidly growing web-store,

The House of Fraser brand is differentiated from other department store groups in the UK by our 160 year history in the UK retail market, a wide geographic reach (across the UK and on-line), a broad range of high quality premium branded merchandise offered at competitive prices, increasing exclusive House Brand offering and a real commitment to providing an imaginative, exciting and relevant shopping experience to all customers.

Key figures

  • 61 stores in the UK & Ireland
  • 4.9 million sq ft selling space
  • Annual sales of £1.2bn
  • Rapidly growing web-store

What are some of the developments that House of Fraser has seen this year that has put it ahead of its competitors?

House of Fraser recognises the essential role affiliates play in the growth of a business, therefore affiliates is a key focus within the eCommerce team, so there are a lot of exciting developments, promotions and activity taking place for House of Fraser affiliates!

What does this mean for House of Fraser affiliates?

We aim to make all of our affiliates feel like a valued part of the House of Fraser strategy, for example we are looking at attribution modelling to ensure we reward our affiliates fairly. We are constantly looking for ways to grow the affiliate programme, both through optimising the work we do with our existing affiliates and continuously sourcing new affiliates.

What resources/commission does House of Fraser offer its affiliates?

We run our affiliate programme through Affiliate Window, so we offer competitive rates of commission along with a strong affiliate interface and the unrivalled support that Affiliate Window representatives offer. We also encourage Affiliates to communicate directly with us here at House of Fraser with any ideas, promotions and suggestions.

Are there any exciting developments coming up for House of Fraser?

Yes, we have a lot of exciting things planned! As previously mentioned we are currently exploring attribution modelling to gain an insight into which affiliates fit where in the complete sales process to ensure we are rewarding each affiliate who plays a part. In addition we are planning to increase the commission we pay out on our in-house brands such as Biba, Pied a Tierre, Linea, Mary Portas (and many more).

Alongside this we are planning a whole calendar of promotions to ensure that House of Fraser affiliates always have fresh and interesting messages to communicate to their customers

What are the key drivers for affiliates to join the House of Fraser affiliate programme?

House of Fraser is the UK’s favourite premium department store, with over 1000 brands any customers affiliates drive to House of Fraser will be sure to find something they love!

  • We regularly run affiliate and customer promotions and incentives such as brand events, exclusive affiliate promotions and incentives which show that House of Fraser is always looking for ways to maximise affiliate potential. Likewise, we are always open to any suggestions made by an affiliate to help drive traffic and sales.
  • Affiliate queries are always responded to in a timely and concise manner – we understand that affiliates need responses quickly and that really deal with the matter in hand.
  • Our comprehensive delivery options include international delivery to more than 20 countries across Europe, the USA, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand so we accept affiliates from all over the world.
  • House of Fraser operates on a 30 day cookie (along with post impression tracking coming soon) coupled with a High AOV of £95 means promoting House of Fraser is a strong way to turn your traffic into commission.
  • House of Fraser offers competitive commissions and of up to 6% with plans to make these commissions even more attractive for affiliates it’s a great time to be part of the House of Fraser Affiliate programme

How can affiliates sign up to the House of Fraser affiliate programme?

It couldn’t be easier, if you already have an Affiliate Window account simply search and apply to the House of Fraser programme. If you don’t, you can complete an application here.

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