Interchan has been a leading mobile application service provider operating in the Asia-Pacific region since 2002. The company, which reaches 400 million users globally, markets a range of mobile entertainment services consisting of high quality apps, engaging games and other value added applications that are targeted directly to the consumer. 

It recently launched Escapemobile, an online site presenting a number of mobile gaming applications that are purely for fun, excitement and interaction.  Interchan was seeking to improve the monetization of mobile traffic inventory for this new brand site after previously utilising Google’s AdMob, Inneractive and Smaato.

The Solution

Interchan chose MassiveImpact’s Freemium Exchange model for monetisation of its application inventory.  The model connects publishers to leading ad networks’ CPC (cost-per-click)  and CPM (cost-per-thousand) offers, with a single point of integration, free of ad serving or exchange commission fees, in addition to MassiveImpact’s own CPA-based (cost-per-action) direct offers.  The Exchange utilises MassiveImpact’s Real-Time Performance ad-serving technique, which precisely matches offers with individual end-users, based on their mobile behavioral patterns and purchase history.

Freemium Exchange’s ability to target based on mobile patterns and purchase history allowed Interchan to optimize the value of its mobile traffic globally. 

The Results

In the first month of operation, the performance-based Freemium Exchange model doubled the traffic income previously achieved by the other ad networks.

“MassiveImpact has shown us a clear advantage over AdMob so far,” said Cecilia Cheng, General Manager at Interchan Corporation. “We’ve seen a steep rise in eCPM rates with Freemium Exchange and our bottom line revenue increased by more than 110% in only one month – more than triple the 30-percent hike in profits specified in our contract.”

With Freemium Exchange, Interchan is benefiting by 1) not having to pay a ‘middleman’ or multiple ad networks in order to monetise their entire mobile inventory; and 2) Technology that maximises the value of the massive amount of user data available out there.  These are two key elements for intelligent targeting which, together, are designed to make mobile app monetization a publisher-centric market.