Voucher and comparison publisher, Savoo, has announced the launch of its mobile app. The headline feature is its ability to distribute a code or deal of interest to a consumer from the app to the desktop.

While it is possible to purchase an item on the mobile, an email containing the deal can also be sent to a consumer’s desktop computer instantly. Savoo hopes to increase conversion by allowing consumers to purchase at a time that’s more convenient to them.

Sending to the desktop also provides an alternative to when a brand is offering a deal, but does not yet have mobile tracking enabled. Savoo will be hoping this option keeps its affiliate revenue ticking over until the advertiser invests in mobile.

The only mark against the app is there is just support for the one platform. Savoo is currently only offering its ocodes and deals to iPhone and iPad users with support for Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, but PerformanceIN has been told an Android app is a priority.

A Mobile Latecomer

Savoo has been a notable absentee from the mobile world for quite some time, with many of its publisher competitors now offering mature apps. The delay seems to have been in sourcing a development team with the right skillset.

Mobile is now a critical area for online business, with even the slightest misstep having the potential to hit profits. The publisher revealed it wanted to be certain its mobile offering could effectively utilise the Savoo algorithm when pushing the best deals to the top of the page.

Being a global publisher, Savoo has intentions of rolling out the app to all of its regions over the next 12 months including Australia and India. However, it is hoping to have major territories such as Germany and France nailed down by the end of the year.

Updates are already in the pipeline for the mobile app. Savoo informed PerformanceIN that it will be improving the user experience, adding geo-targeting and creating a ‘logged on’ user experience for consumers.