Performance media firm, Clash Group, has announced the creation of Impact Digital Group in the UK and USA. The new company brings about the retirement of the Clash brand and aims to give advertisers a service that encapsulates multiple media channels including web, social, mobile, gaming and broadcast television.

Impact Digital Group’s eyeing a mobile app cross-channel marketing solution as its first launch, capable of promoting mobile apps across social, web, smart TVs, gaming and broadcast TV. A deeper customer relationship with a brand is being touted as the net result.

Just as big data was the buzz phrase of 2012, multichannel is the word on the lips of marketers everywhere this year. Commentators have said that consumers already occupy a multichannel space and advertisers not capitalising on this may put them at a disadvantage.

TV Lead Generation

Purchasing television-generated leads using a CPA metric could be a big draw for brands looking to convert any potential customers, according to Simon Wajcenberg, chief executive officer of Impact Digital Group.

“Consumers now expect rich and vibrant engagement with relevant social connections from advertisements and Impact Digital Group can help accomplish this by offering advertisers a full range of digital advertising options including the ability to pay for television generated leads on a performance basis,” said Wajcenberg.

Impact is said to be a natural progression of the Impact-Mobi platform, a global affiliate network dedicated to mobile. Businesses can use the network to run, track and adjust mobile advertising campaigns based on the quality of leads.