Tel-Aviv-based Matomy Media Group continues to strengthen its portfolio, following the acquisition of an American affiliate network specialising in mobile – MobAff.

Matomy, the parent company of New York-founded performance media business MediaWhiz, said MobAff will be integrated within MediaWhiz and will form the ‘nucleus’ of MediaWhiz’s new mobile division.

The majority of MobAff’s Florida-headquartered team will relocate to MediaWhiz’s New York hub as part of the acquisition. MobAff’s founder Alexander Tsatkin, will become the vice president and general manager the new mobile division.

The news follows last week’s announcement that the functions MediaWhiz’s affiliate network MonetizeIt performed, as well as MediaWhiz’s sub brands; TLA and White Delivery, will be merged under the broader MediaWhiz umbrella. 

Strengthening its Presence

The acquisition of MobAff is set to bolster North America’s leading performance marketing agency; MediaWhiz’s burgeoning mobile performance marketing practice.

Chief executive officer (CEO) of Matomy Media Group, Ofer Druker, said MobAff’s mobile optimisation technology and strong expertise in mobile affiliate marketing will be a ‘huge asset’ to MediaWhiz.

“We are impressed by MobAff’s strong presence with advertisers and affiliates, as well as the technological solutions it has developed,” Druker said.

“I am confident that this acquisition will benefit the Matomy and MediaWhiz customer bases, offering our advertisers and affiliates cutting-edge technologies, alongside other performance marketing products we have developed.”

Mobile is the Future of Performance Marketing

MediaWhiz’s CEO, Hakan Lindskog, also stressed that mobile is the ‘future of performance marketing’, and said the acquisition puts the company on track to becoming the ‘industry leader’ in delivering high-value mobile customer acquisition and traffic monetisation solutions for advertisers and affiliates.

Founded in 2011, MobAff works with leading advertisers and affiliate networks in the US and internationally, to help them efficiently generate and deliver leads and acquire customers.

The company offers mobile cost-per-action and cost-per-lead marketing services in display, push, search, click-to-call and more.

MobAff founder Tsatkin, added: “Joining MediaWhiz is a great opportunity for us to work with an industry leader in performance and affiliate marketing.”

Global performance marketing company Matomy, bought US-founded MediaWhiz in January to establish a presence in the US. The acquisition followed its 2011 investment in Adperio, an interactive marketing and advertising agency based in Denver, US.

The cost of the MobAff deal was not disclosed.