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POW: An Affiliate Programme That is Good for Your Health
Image Credit  The Health Lottery

POW: An Affiliate Programme That is Good for Your Health


The Health Lottery talks about why its affiliate programme is an attractive proposition for affiliates...

Name: The Health Lottery

Contact: Franck Georget


Tell us about The Health Lottery...

The Health Lottery is 51 local society lotteries, each one representing one or more local authority areas across Great Britain. Each society lottery is licensed by the Gambling Commission and will raise money for health related good causes within their respective areas. 

Each week, one or more different society lotteries take part in the lottery draw. They then donate money raised through their lottery to health related good causes within their respective communities, working with them to prioritise needs. Running things this way means that every single part of Great Britain gets an appropriate share of the monies raised. No matter where you live, you will be able to see the society lotteries making a difference. 20p in every £1 goes to support local health related good causes.

Why should affiliates choose to join The Health Lottery programme?

Other than the attractive commission structure, The Health Lottery has a number of USP’s that make for an attractive programme:

  • Win on Wednesdays and Saturdays with the weekly draw show broadcast on Channel 5.
  • Unlike The National Lottery, The Health Lottery will remain at £1 per play which is purely good news to its players.
  • Bonus Ball is here! The Health Lottery is now bigger and better, with the addition of 3 new prize levels. This means players have double the chances of winning a prize.
  • There are no shared prizes with the Health Lottery, so you are guaranteed to win the advertised prizes!
  • Not only this but if you join the programme you are eligible to use the below promotion:
  • 1 week’s free play when you sign up to Direct Debit (until 21.09.13)

What commission rates are on offer?

The Health Lottery will pay affiliates £4 for every new customer who debited the minimum required of £5. The Health Lottery will pay affiliates £5 for every new customer who sets up a Direct Debit account.

Any other information for affiliates?

If you’d like to promote The Health Lottery please feel free to get in touch with the Tradedoubler Account Manager Franck Georget - - or apply to the program on the interface here.

Interested in being featured as the PerformanceIN Programme of the Week? Contact Mark Atherton for more information.

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