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Performance Marketing Agency Merges Affiliate Network Brand as Part of Global Plan

Performance Marketing Agency Merges Affiliate Network Brand as Part of Global Plan


Just two months after digital media and performance marketing agency MediaWhiz, announced the international expansion of its affiliate network, MonetizeIt, the company has now decided to axe the brand and consolidate its services.

As of today, the functions MonetizeIt performed, as well as MediaWhiz’s sub brands; TLA and White Delivery, will be merged under the broader MediaWhiz umbrella. 

No services are closing. The move is due to a comprehensive brand restructure as part of MediaWhiz’s continued integration with its parent company, Tel-Aviv-headquartered Matomy Media Group.

Removing Confusion

MediaWhiz’s New York-based chief executive officer (CEO), Hakan Lindskog, previously stressed to PerformanceIN that ‘scale was important’ – and he meant it.

“Besides the confusion that having three distinct sub-brands creates for the company, there is a more practical reason for this brand consolidation initiative,” Lindskog said.

“Matomy is establishing itself as a major global player in the performance industry, with MediaWhiz situated firmly as its North American hub of operations. As both MediaWhiz and Matomy continue to grow on a global scale, it is important that we closely align with our parent company.

“A critical step toward that effort is to consolidate MediaWhiz’s disparate sub-brands as a single, distinct corporate brand that is more solidly positioned within the North American marketplace.”

A Change in Brand – Not Direction

Sub brand TLA, MediaWhiz’s SEO ingredient service, will be rebranded and referred to as MediaWhiz SEO - which will include MediaWhiz’s link-building products and services, organic SEO and mobile SEO services. Sub brand White Delivery, MediaWhiz’s proprietary email platform, will also be rebranded and referred to only as MediaWhiz.

“This is not a change in direction; it is a change in brand – to make a stronger more unified brand that will provide great benefits to our clients and affiliates.” Lindskog said.

“From a clients point of view this is a much better concept as MediaWhiz can offer all the same services, but under the one, well-known name of MediaWhiz.”

A fully redesigned MediaWhiz website, which will feature the full integration of its affiliate network and SEO service, will launch around late-August/ early-September.

Powerhouse Matomy bought US-founded MediaWhiz earlier this year and the acquisition followed its 2011 investment in Adperio, an interactive marketing and advertising agency based in Denver, US.

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