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POW: Multiple Sites with Extraordinary Conversion
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POW: Multiple Sites with Extraordinary Conversion


Bingo Moolah talks about it's affiliate programme and how it was born from consultation with affiliate members to offer the best possible service and commission structure.

Name: Bingo Moolah

Contact Name: Divya


What is Bingo Moolah?

Bingo Moolah is the Affiliate home of three brands- Gone Bingo UK, Harry’s Bingo and House of Bingo.

The brands house more than 4 million players and till date £2 million has been paid to the Affiliate Partners. Bingo Moolah is operated by Chelbis Company Limited. Chelbis is one of the fastest growing gaming operations company with several bingo networks. Chelbis is licensed and regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA/CL1/425/2007)

Can you tell us more about Bingo Moolah?

Our affiliate programs were born out of consultations with affiliate members. The members were looking at programs that would allow them to promote multiple sites with extraordinary conversion. Through our programs, the affiliates achieve high commission rates and also get access to advanced reporting tools with personalized account management and support. Apart from these benefits, the regular program is always there to help them make money, online.


  • Up to 50% Revenue Share (Flat 50% for first 2 months)
  • Transparent and real-time statistics
  • Multiple campaign tracking
  • 10% of sub-affiliate earning
  • Off line and On line tracking available
  • Comprehensive resource center - library of text, graphic, and HTML linking options
  • No negative carry over. Prompt, secure monthly payments on the 15th of every month
  • A whole host of marketing tools to suit every need
  • Highly experienced affiliate team for support

What are some developments that Bingo Moolah have seen this year, that put them ahead of their competitors?

We pride ourselves in providing the best in class Affiliate programs, in terms of timely payout, best games, marketing material etc.

- We have robust and user friendly access to Marketing Materials

- A dashboard which tracks the performance of the player, with a graph notifying incline or decline

- Exciting promotions for the new signups

What does this mean for their affiliates?

- More polished and proven Marketing material- Landing pages, reviews, mailers, screen shots are readily available for use

- Customized material is also provided on request

- Timely Payments

- No negative carry over

- Real Time Stats

What resources/commission does Bingo Moolah offer its affiliates?

Bingo Moolah offers the best resources and commissions to its valued Affiliate partners.


  • Revenue Model for Affiliates: Revenue Share or Hybrid deals
  • Revenue Share: Upto 50% Revenue share. Flat 50% commission for new Affiliate for first 2 months. Based on the performance, the commission structure might vary. The minimum commission that can be earned is 35%
  • Incentives: Bingo Moolah values the contribution from its Affiliate partners. We generously reward our Affiliates for their performance, all round the year


Bingo Moolah family members get access to the best in class resources round the clock to assist the Affiliate partner to perform well. We believe in growing together.

  • Marketing Material: We have ready to use and attractive landing pages, mailers, etc.
  • Reports: reconcile statements. All your transactions, deposits, withdrawals, offers, and commission, at one place! All the stats are updated in REAL Time
  • Customized: Our Affiliate Mangers will provide you with customize deal for Affiliate partners and customized offer for their players

Are there any exciting developments coming up for Bingo Moolah?

- Our User interface research team is striving hard to bring latest tools to make the Bingo Moolah interface more approachable and user friendly
- We are in the process of providing mobile version of Bingo Moolah to have access on the go

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