Deann Harvey, VP of EMEA at DG will be conducting this year’s keynote session at a4uexpo Europe, which will focus on how technology devices have changed the way in which consumers are engaging with media.

Taking place on July 2-3 at the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam, a4uexpo Europe’s keynote session will offer a new perspective to how content is beginning to be consumed in a multi-screen landscape. In keeping with a4uexpo keynotes past, following two long days getting your teeth firmly into performance marketing we like to offer you a keynote session that looks ahead at changing landscapes; and dual-screening is something we’re sure you need to hear more about!

Convergence of Hyper-Connectivity

Today’s hyper-connected consumers no longer distinguish between one screen or device. They look for convenience and quality; and may the best screen win. Simultaneous, often continuous switching among screens has created a huge challenge (and opportunity) for marketers.

At the heart of it all is video – which can elicit the same emotion whether viewed on a pocket-sized screen on the go or the largest on the wall. Through video, we laugh, cry, are enticed to buy, and are inspired to share with friends and strangers.

So, as video becomes increasingly channel-agnostic, how do we achieve cross media engagement? How can we build a fused strategy in this landscape? How do we measure beyond quantifiable metrics and refocus on the qualitative and social side of video?

Quick Fire Q&A with Deann Harvey – a4uexpo Europe 2013 Keynote

Multi Screening has been an increasing discussion topic over recent years. How ‘converged’ would you say we currently are?

DH: Currently we are not converged at all. The media landscape is very fragmented as consumers are using multiple devices to consume their content. Whether that is a TV, mobile, tablet, STB, gaming console etc, video fluidity across screens has never been more of a reality. Advertisers have suddenly realised that a multi-screen campaign is the right way to reach their audience in a fractured landscape.

What’s really driving this convergence? Is it purely convenience?

DH: Consumers drive convergence, we need to analyse their trends and act accordingly. Convenience plays a huge part – consumers make little distinction between what screens they are on, for them it is purely about watching their content and not missing a moment.

We spend a lot of time on social channels on a daily basis. Do you see this increasing over the next 12 months or are we at a saturation point?

DH: Social will only increase as we go across multiple screens.  We love to share and express ourselves to others in real time. In fact, the biggest thing talked about on social is actually TV.

What’s the most powerful online channel in your opinion today? Is it Social? Video? Display?

DH: They are all powerful in different ways. Video is a huge right now in our industry, as it is the best medium to connect and tell a consumer a story.

All three elements should be used together to connect to the audience, one is not more powerful than the other, it’s about utilising them all to reach the target audience.

a4uexpo Europe – July 2-3, Amsterdam.

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