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POW: A Refreshing Change From Football
Image Credit  NFL Game Pass

POW: A Refreshing Change From Football


Tradedoubler tell us about the NFL Game Pass product, why it's growing in popularity in the UK and how affiliates can earn high seasonal commission...

Name: NFL

Contact: Sam Stansfield


Tell us about the NFL Game Pass product

NFL Game Pass provides live streaming of NFL games so that people living outside of the US can view and enjoy all the action from the NFL.

NFL Game Pass has three main products; ‘Season Plus’, ‘Season’ and ‘Follow Your Team’, which are priced at £129.99, £99.99 and £89.99, respectively.  These subscription fees cover the whole season and additional features include; multiple device viewing, HD viewing, archive footage, and ‘coaches film’, which allows you to view the games from exclusive angles that let you watch and analyse the game like a pro football coach.

The core demographic for NFL Game Pass is comprised of males, aged 15-45. 

Wembley has been hosting NFL games since 2007 and due to growing demand, it will host two games this season – September 29th and October 27th.

I’d attribute the NFL’s growth to a broader and more versatile demand in sports amongst people in the UK.  NFL offers a refreshing change to football (or should I say ‘soccer’) with arguably far greater unpredictability and strategy involved as well as a more ‘fun’ nature about it, in general.

Why should affiliates choose to join the NFL Game Pass program?

NFL is already popular in the UK (as well as Europe) and is growing increasingly popular each year; NFL Game Pass is a unique and ‘must-have’ product for any fan of the NFL. 

The NFL season is only four months long (September to January), so NFL Game Pass is a very seasonal product but it performs well in the build-up to the new season (May - July) until December.  During this time, NFL Game Pass performs extremely well and affiliates that put the effort into promoting it can generate very good commissions.  Affiliates interested in promoting NFL Game Pass should do so right now!

Conversion rate is around 10% and AOV is £100.

The NFLGP program has been with Tradedoubler since 2011 and during that time, we have seen huge growth, each year, in the program.

There is a wide range of high quality creative and bespoke creative is available on request.

What commission rates are on offer?

Affiliates are paid 10% CPA on all sales.  NFL Game Pass is available (and commissions are payable) to all countries outside of North America.

Any other information for affiliates?

The affiliates that perform best for NFL GP have taken the time to write a bit of content about it and have ensured that the links are easy to find within their site and in search engines.  The product and offering is very straightforward so it’s quite easy for affiliates to convey this information.  NFL Game Pass will be running a lot of promotional campaigns from now until the Wembley games; there will be various promotions taking place during the season and supporting creative, so make the most of this.

I would encourage affiliates to get in touch with me for any assistance, bespoke requirements and feedback;

If you’re not already an affiliate with Tradedoubler, please sign up here.

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