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TripAdvisor on the Hunt for Content Publishers

TripAdvisor on the Hunt for Content Publishers


We talk to Angela Lyda,  Manager of Global Traffic Acquisition at
TripAdvisor on expectations of a4uexpo Europe and their plans for  Performance Marketing Growth, Globally:

What Originally Drew You to a4uexpo Europe?

Angela Lyda: At TripAdvisor we would like to grow our affiliate network in Europe and this conference is a great opportunity to advance our growth objectives. TripAdvisor is a major global brand and is very strong in Europe so we know that affiliates can benefit from our strong market position in Europe. I hope to be able to network with all the international publishers that we work with on a daily basis.  Also, I believe the European performance market has different nuances as compared to the US performance market, and I’m eager to learn about those nuances and apply them to our program.

What Performance Marketing Activities Do TripAdvisor Currently Invest In?

AL: Currently, TripAdvisor is a member of the Commission Junction network, so we are attending CJU in Santa Barbara this year.  We also meet with affiliate partners directly to grow our connections with the performance marketing community.  I’m hoping to make it to as many conferences as I can that will prove impactful on growing the business.

As a Brand, What are You Hoping to Get Out of Attending the Event?

AL: My number one goal is to meet with publishers face to face. I strongly believe in building relationships in person, and I think it can go a long way in growing strategic partnerships.  I’m also very eager to learn about the nuances of the European performance market, so I can apply them to our program and show significant growth in 2013.

What Types of People & Businesses are you Looking Forward to Meeting?

AL: I’m most looking forward to meeting with publishers, both existing ones and new ones.  We currently work with a lot of coupon/deal sites, but I’d love to expand our relationships into Content and Incentive (Loyalty) publishers throughout 2013 & 2014.

How Much of a Bearing did the Venue's Tripadvisor Reviews Have on Your Attendance?

AL: Just like hundreds of million consumers do on a monthly basis I always look at TripAdvisor reviews before I travel anywhere, so it’s safe to say it had some bearing, however the conference content itself was the biggest driver for my attendance.



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