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"DO IT!"  Why A Global Leader Encourages You to Attend a4uexpo Europe.

"DO IT!" Why A Global Leader Encourages You to Attend a4uexpo Europe.


Cake are joining us as an exhibitor at a4uexpo Europe and we spoke to Jeff McCollum, president of the company. about branching out into Europe, global markets and what attending this event means to him.

What is it About a4uexpo Europe That Makes it the Perfect Event for you to be Exhibiting at?

Jeff McCollum: This event provides us with the perfect opportunity to meet with a captivating and extremely qualified audience to not only showcase Cake but to receive valuable feedback from the European community. As we continue to grow and provide additional features and tools for our international community, this show allows us to gain critical feedback, which assists in our development road-map. 

What Advice do you Have for Those on the Cusp of Attending?

JM: DO IT!  The attendees at this show are those dedicated to making great strides in the performance marketing space and moving this industry forward. I can speak from experience that the connections I have made at this show have been both strategic and profitable. 

How are you Coping with the Move from the US to Europe?

JM: The last 6 months have been amazing with many new opportunities and clients coming on board. Paul Wright, managing director for Cake has done a great job growing the team and recently Garth Harris, a key employee from the US office has joined Paul and his team in the UK. Garth will not be able to make the show because his wife is due with their first baby that same week. However, if you have not yet met the team please be sure to stop by our UK office. 

Could you Offer any Nuggets of Advice to Other Companies Thinking of Making the Move?

JM: The digital market is moving fast in Europe and there is a need for innovative global companies to introduce more technology and solutions to harness the growth. I encourage everyone to attend a4uexpo Europe to hear and see first hand what is taking place in the European market and what accomplishments have been made.

Does CAKE Has its Sights set on any Other Markets?

JM:  We will be opening an office in Berlin this summer to help support our efforts in Europe and the Middle East. After that we are looking to expand into South America. Does anyone have advice on which city people think would be a good place to be based in South America? Leave them in the comments below.

What are you Looking Forward to Most About Being in Amsterdam?

JM: We actually have a lot of great clients in that city, so I am really looking forward to seeing their offices and meeting more of their staff in person!

The team at Cake will be on Stand. 23, make sure you stop by to say hello.

Jeff McCollum: 

Instrumental in the development and standardisation of business rules and communication protocols for the performance marketing industry, Jeff McCollum brings over 15 years of digital marketing experience, with an emphasis in lead generation. Founder of the Accelerize New Media Affiliate network, Jeff gained considerable insight into the performance marketing and lead generation marketplaces. Leveraging his industry knowledge and recognising a need for a more scalable and accurate tracking and analytics solution that made business operations more efficient, Jeff sold the affiliate network in 2011 and created the CAKE SaaS platform. Fulfilling his passion for technology and innovation, Jeff excels at providing cutting edge and usable solutions to advertisers, affiliates and enterprise brands. Jeff received his Bachelor degree from the University of Southern California and shortly after began his career at Netscape and NBCi.


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