Orange’s mobile site was originally only able to show a few of the available handsets on offer, so was in great need of development. The Orange technical team in Spain, which was in charge of handling the mobile site, wanted to increase the number of sales through the mobile channel. In order to achieve this however, Orange would need to display a wider selection of products on their mobile site. To make this project successful, Orange required a high-quality XML feed.

The Solution

Orange approached FusePump in June 2012, hoping that FusePump would be able to supply the necessary data feeds to make Orange’s product information available in a mobile compatible format. This would not only make the Orange mobile site more effective, but also make the brand’s mobile marketing more straightforward.

FusePump extracted the product data directly from the main Orange e-commerce website. This meant that the entire Orange product inventory could be powered into the m-commerce site, creating an effective product-driven mobile site.

Once the Orange XML feed had been built, the Orange technical team were able to implement the feed into the mobile site using the FusePump FeedCreator. When this was complete, the Orange mobile site displayed the entire range of Orange handsets. Using the FeedCreator also makes it simpler to showcase products by specific feed attributes, allowing the customer to browse all products by brand, tariff, contract length etc.

The Results 

Since working with FusePump, Orange have seen enhanced traffic to their mobile site, with registrations increasing from just over 2% to 7%. They have now expanded their contract with FusePump to include further e-commerce marketing services.

Estibaliz Padilla Sánchez, General Manager, Orange said:

“Before working with FusePump, the Orange mobile site was unable to display its entire range of products. Working with FusePump has allowed us to enhance our mobile site and we are now able to offer the entire Orange product inventory to our customers. The difference this has made is clear from the 250% increase we have seen in the number of registrations. As we continue our relationship with FusePump, we are hoping to improve the conversion rate further.”