Performance marketing campaigns in some European countries still aren’t reaching their potential, according to Tradedoubler’s Rob Wilson. The company’s president and chief executive officer believes countries such as Germany aren’t delivering ‘adequate value’ to advertisers.

In the following Q&A, Wilson discusses how his network’s customisable technology solution can help those clients suffering in these countries.

For those of our audience who aren’t familiar with Tradedoubler, can you describe the company in less than 10 words?

Rob Wilson: Revenue-generating, innovative international performance marketing and technology experts.


Which countries does Tradedoubler operate in and why? 

RW: We do business in more than 40 countries and have offices in all major European markets. Our local knowledge and extensive footprint is critical for our international clients that look for our support wherever they do business.  A key benefits of using Tradedoubler’s Technology platform is that it is cloud-based and can be deployed anywhere in the world.

What makes Tradedoubler’s offering different from other networks or technology providers in the space?

RW: One solution doesn’t fit all clients and we are unique amongst networks in our ability to offer clients a customisable solution ranging from a fully managed network to a Tradedoubler Technology Platform powered private network solution or any mixture of the two.  

Why has Tradedoubler taken Platinum sponsorship of a4uexpo Europe?

RW: We’re passionate about bringing the industry and its key figures together to discuss the latest developments and share performance marketing expertise. The a4uexpo provides a great opportunity to do this on a European scale and explains why we’ve chosen to sponsor the Knowledge Zone. 

From previous experience what can delegates of a4uexpo Europe expect from the conference and from Tradedoubler?  

RW: Tradedoubler will encourage discussion & expertise sharing through our sponsorship of the Knowledge Zone. Andrew Buckman, COO will present our award winning research “Performance Marketing: From first impression to last click” from the Tradedoubler Insight Unit, which recently won a prestigious IAB Europe 2013 Research Award. 

What change would you like the industry to make in Europe in the next 12 months?

RW: Networks have a critical role to play in the continuing development of the performance marketing industry throughout Europe. By ensuring all networks deliver true performance value to clients, as an industry we will ensure that the performance marketing sector continues to grow and flourish.  Unfortunately in certain markets such as Germany this development has been constrained by networks failure to deliver adequate value, which we’re addressing through our #performancevalue initiative. 

How does Tradedoubler want to be positioned in performance marketing 12 months from now?

RW: Continuing to lead the performance marketing industry as a client revenue-generator, innovator and thought leader.