Online shopping service Flubit, has partnered with InvisibleHand, a discreet price comparison browser extension. The two firms are set to help users save even more money on the goods they’re intent on purchasing.

InvisibleHand currently has millions of users, all of which seek the cheapest price on the product they’re about to purchase. Flubit’s service is similar. Consumers enter a URL for the product and a tailor-made offer is created exclusively for that person.

There are times when InvisibleHand is unable to produce a better price for a product. On such occasions, Flubit will step in and manufacture a better price in return for the consumer’s email address.

Both online tools are ‘made for each other’, according to founder of Flubit, Bertie Stephens. “Flubit can create a better price on almost anything you’re about to buy, so this partnership offers an exciting proposition,” Stephens said.

Flubit has stated its technology is being integrated with InvisibleHand to give users a seamless experience. There’s currently support for InvisibleHand’s extension on Firefox, Chrome and Safari internet browsers.