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POW: More than just washing machines
Image Credit  Which?

POW: More than just washing machines


Consumer champion, Which?, tell us how they can make your life easier and make you money with fantastic commission rates...

Name: Which?

Contact: Chris Kelly


Who are Which?

Which? does more than test washing machines. As a consumer champion, our campaigns work to make lives fairer; our advice helps people make informed decisions, and our services and products put customer needs first, delivering better value.

At Which? we test more than 2,500 products every year. Our experience and expertise enables us to select the best approach to testing products and services in a way that nobody else can. Every aspect of product performance and specification is examined from price, running costs, efficiency and reliability.

Can you tell us more about the Which? affiliate program?

The Which? program is run exclusively with Webgains and offers a fantastic rate of commission, awarding publishers up to £10 for every valid trial taken out.

So what are consumers signing up for?

1 month trial of Which? costing £1.

A trial with Which? provides the following:

  • A login to providing instant access to 1000s of independent reviews and recommendations online.
  • Which? magazine delivered straight to the consumers door.
  • One-to-one telephone support on consumer and finance issues, easy-to-download buying guides, member-recommended local services and lots more for you to explore.

The Which? affiliate program is free to join and it’s easy to sign up. By joining our program, your visitors will have access to top quality product reviews and services from an industry leader and a brand they trust. It’s the perfect way for you to increase the revenue your site generates so get in touch!

What resources are offered to Which? publishers?

There is an extensive range of copy available within the Webgains platform to help publishers explain all the ins and outs of Which? products to their users. We offer short copy as well as long narrative copy for those who want to go into more depth. We'll supply you with a wide selection of banners and links for you to choose from and bespoke copy can be created on request.

Sounds good! What should publishers do next?

If you’re already a Which? publisher then get in touch! Drop us a line on 0207 770 7272 or contact and we’ll be happy to chat about any ideas you have or ways in which we can make your lives easier.

If you’d like to join the affiliate program, then either join via your existing Webgains account or sign up to Webgains here.

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