Clickable phone numbers and tracking analytics are now being offered to desktop and mobile display advertisers with Tradedoubler. It’s part of the performance marketing network’s new partnership with pay-per-call provider, Freespee.

By using Freespee’s advanced programming interface, Tradedoubler can give businesses display space to help those customers needing to talk to someone before making a purchase. It’s a concept that can be used in a number of verticals according to Freespee founder and chief operating officer, Carl Holmquist.

“For services with local offices, like insurance, education, finance, health, beauty, travel, telecom and other utilities, 70% of consumers want to talk to someone before opening their wallets,” Holmquist said. “We make that call just one click away and totally trackable for conversion optimisation.”

Calls Mean Conversions

Google’s own findings revealed mobile users are 6-8% more likely to click on display ads if they have a telephone number. The same research found that 52% of mobile users that click through to a mobile landing page instead of a phone number go on to call the advertiser.

Other networks have already formed partnerships with pay-per-call providers. Commission Junction and Rakuten LinkShare both use RingRevenue and Affiliate Window rebranded a Freespee service as Call Window.

Advertisers will have access to an array of analytics on Freespee. The applications include management functions, real-time number provisioning, call tracking and conversion attribution for optimising campaigns based on the publishers generating the most calls.

Simple Integration

Tradedoubler chief executive officer, Rob Wilson, didn’t want to ‘reinvent the wheel’, but make it a smooth process for advertisers. “We can add clickable, trackable phone numbers to our desktop and mobile ad formats with just a couple of lines of code,” he said.

The performance marketing network devises and implements campaigns for more than 2,000 clients. Larger advertisers can use the firm’s software as a service platform; Tradedoubler Technology, to manage programmes internally and pay-per-call will go some way to extending this offering.

Wilson is confident the pay-per-call tool will be useful to most of Tradedoubler’s user base.  “For a large segment of our advertisers this is incredibly valuable because these ads on average convert six times better than a traditional online or mobile display ad,” he said.