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Q&A: New myThings MD Shares his Display Advertising Ambitions
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Q&A: New myThings MD Shares his Display Advertising Ambitions


MyThings recently appointed Antony Mures as the display advertising company's new UK managing director. Mures will be based at the London office and starts immediately. spoke to him about his views of the industry and future ambitions for myThings.

Why did you make the move from PubliGroupe to myThings?

Antony Mures: I have been at PubliGroupe building a global premium publisher display product for programmatic buyers on the Improve Digital platform. There, sitting on the supply side, I’ve seen how personalised display is by far the biggest driver of display spend.  I’ve always had a high regard for myThings and this is a fantastic opportunity at a pivotal growth time.  

When you joined myThings, you must've had ambitions for the UK arm of the company. What were those?

AM: myThings has a truly impressive technology roadmap and we are in a great position to grow the business across many advertiser categories with these assets.

How would you compare CPA targeting’s adoption and performance in the UK to the rest of the world?

AM: As the savviest market in Europe, performance-driven display in the UK is big business. This hasn't gone unnoticed as more and more marketers across the globe are beginning to realize the opportunity at hand. This is especially true in emerging markets beyond Western Europe and the US such as Latin America, Japan, Poland, Turkey and the Nordics. To meet this growing demand, myThings has extended its presence in 2012 and we now operate in 15 countries across Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia.

CPA is known to shift the risk factor from advertiser to publisher, how would you sell CPA's benefits over CPC to a publisher concerned about this?

AM: myThings has actually extended its offering beyond CPA. We now offer the most flexible business model platform in the market, supporting CPA, CPC, CPM and a transparent Cost Plus. It all depends on what an advertiser wants to achieve. In any case, our engines optimise towards eCPA (or CPA) goals, so performance (albeit in a wider definition) – is still an inherent part of what we do. 
Our technology is based on algorithms that predict the expected value  users and impressions will generate for an advertiser. Our engines are capable of determining granular segments based on "value for advertiser". What that value is depends on a campaign's specific goals and the best business model to meet those goals. 
What is unique about myThings is our robust platform that is built to optimise for conversions regardless of the business model. It is important to understand that when I talk about conversions, I am not only referring to bottom-funnel sales-based conversions but rather any goal defined by the advertiser. If new traffic is a key KPI, than generating a new user is a conversion. The cost per conversion eCPA is optimised as with any other KPI.
On the publisher side, I know myThings has always been a tier 1 buyer for the biggest providers of media. As we are able to add significant value to display media space; we are able to buy a lot of it.

Advertisers generate more data than they're able to use, how far away is myThings from taking full advantage of all the data it has access to?

AM: Indeed. A recent Oracle study said 60% of advertisers consider themselves unprepared to handle big data. Big data is a big opportunity to impact margins as well as revenue. However, when parsed, only companies like myThings with a complex and robust infrastructure can capitalise on it for meaningful results. That is why we also work with non-PII parsed advertiser CRM data as well as the data we create and the data we buy. Innovation is constant to be able to make the best use of data for advertising across all platforms and devices we use every day. 

What big innovations in CPA ad personalisation do you expect to see over the coming years?

AM: First, I wouldn't define myThings as a CPA ad personalisation expert but rather a performance-driven ad personalisation platform

With regards to what's coming next in 2013, I expect myThings to be at the forefront of data-driven display innovation. We are working on some exciting things including advanced mobile and video capabilities, life time value and cross-device optimisation, location-based targeting, granular control via a highly innovative variable pricing model and cookie-less technology. Stay tuned.

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