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Improving Performance 'No Matter What the Weather’

Improving Performance 'No Matter What the Weather’


Performance Marketing Awards shortlisted contender for Best Search Campaign, Net Media Planet; with Cotswold Outdoor, have given a sneak peek into their submitted case study.

In relation to the campaign, Net Media Planet founder and managing director, Sri Sharma, took us through the aspects of the offering and discussed why it was so successful.


Q. Can you summarise the campaign’s offering and how new is this concept?

A. Our campaign, ‘Improving Performance no Matter What the Weather’, was based on the well-known concept that weather conditions influence consumer buying behaviour. When it is cold, evidence shows that more warm jackets are bought. We believed that we could improve generic paid search return on investment (ROI) by anticipating consumer demand in response to short term and localised weather changes.
The new aspect was brought about through two elements; firstly, we used the newly launched Google Scripts within Adwords. Using Google Scripts kept development time and cost to a record low. Secondly, this use of automated weather based bidding in paid search is a first in the outdoor retailing sector.
Through a combination of clever technology and historic analysis of local weather changes we were able to improve ROI by +41%.

Q. How does this campaign slot into the performance marketing industry?

A. Net Media Planet is paid on the good old paid on performance model. Our performance is tied to how much revenue we deliver for the client, and this is true with this campaign also. Fortunately, we have outperformed targets year-on-year.
In addition, this campaign had an ROI target to beat. In the generic paid search landscape, ROI is a challenge and so this was the core driver for developing this application and creating a new approach to maximising performance.

Q. How was this campaign created, with what technology and why?

A. We believed that we could improve the performance of high cost generic search terms by changing our bidding strategy in response to short term local weather changes in near real-time.
To do this, we leveraged the newly launched Google Scripts for Adwords tool to create a near real-time weather-based bidding application to integrate third party weather data directly into Google Adwords. This technology was designed to automatically increase Cotswold Outdoor’s online presence at times and in regions when people would be searching for and buying products in response to local weather changes. 
We then analysed historic performance data to understand the relationship between local weather variations and product sales. We used this to create the application bidding rules based on temperature, precipitation and wind levels across multiple regions.
Finally, we targeted five different locations and three different weather conditions, and optimised our paid search campaign based on local weather changes, time and message. This enabled us to promote products in response to specific local weather changes and conditions.

Q. What were the results of the campaign and why is it deemed a success?

A. We exceeded all set objectives since launching the campaign in October 2012, with all results out-performing the standard generic paid search campaign.
The weather application is now a key element of the generic paid search strategy.

Q. Ultimately what has this campaign proved and how? 

A. As the results show, this campaign successfully improved the performance of generic paid search marketing. Generic paid search marketing is known to be expensive and also poor converting. We improved this performance by a significant +41% and this was achieved by a smarter approach that focused on improving AOV by +40%.

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