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POW: Best Western Bring their Affiliate Campaign In-House
Image Credit  Best Western

POW: Best Western Bring their Affiliate Campaign In-House


Best Western talk taking their affiliate campaign in-house and how this will help them to build stronger relationships with their affiliates...

Name: Best Western

Contact: Laura Robinson


What are some developments that Best Western hotels have seen this year that put them ahead of their competitors?

Best Western hotels GB have now brought their affiliate campaign in-house, away from agency management. This is a positive move. Best Western will be forging direct relationships with publishers and working more closely with both Affiliate Window and Tradedoubler to build a stronger affiliate campaign.

Best Western hotels GB are part of the biggest hotel family in the world. Not only does the Best Western brand name sell itself but we have recently worked on increasing brand awareness with TV coverage, including Dave sponsorship and Piers Morgan Life Stories sponsorship.

We also launched the Best Western product feed in January this year. It features all of the information you could need, including the latest rates and hotel information It is updated every 24 hours and we are now working with R.O.EYE for guidance and research into the affiliate market place to ensure that we stay on top of the game. This is another positive step to help grow the campaign and ensure our publishers are listened to. As a brand we strive to protect our name and our partners, we see publishers as an extension of ourselves and hope we can work together more closely.

What does this mean for your affiliates?

Affiliates will notice that Best Western’s reactions to their queries will be quicker. Sales will be validated sooner. More assets will be loaded into the networks. We will be working towards developing widgets and keeping on top of the latest technologies. We will be running more incentives throughout the year for publishers to join our campaign and also for publishers already working with us to push the brand further. In fact we are currently running a prize draw for any affiliate promoting our Spring Leisure rate.

We hope that by working directly rather than through an agency, publishers will get a better picture of who we are and what we stand for.

What resources/commission do Best Western hotels offer its affiliates?

Best Western will continue to offer a competitive 5% commission to publishers, with cashback affiliates working on a 3.5% commission. There are a wealth of assets for publishers including promotional banners and also a dynamic hotel search box that you can slot into your site. We are always looking for feedback from our publishers regarding what they need from us and how we can help. Without this we can never give you exactly what you require from Best Western.

We can react immediately – read more here or just get in touch

Are there any exciting developments coming up for Best Western hotels?

Our web developers are working hard on the development of a mobile site, set to be launched in the coming months, and are aiming to launch an updated desktop version of the site this year. Both projects are positioned to increase conversion rate, we should all see the benefits immediately.

We have increased our standing as one of the most improving brands in the mid-market*. Best Western hotels are currently part of the nationwide MacDonalds monopoly promotion and our new Kids Club has successfully launched with family rooms soon to be bookable online. Watch this space!

*BDRC research 2013

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