Technology company, iPyxel Creations, has taken the wraps of its ad platform that’s been tailor-made for dating website Plenty of Fish. POFpro allows marketers to track, automate and scale campaigns on the dating website.

The fact iPyxel has made a platform just for Plenty of Fish is unusual, but it brings with it certain merits. Plus, these days few publishers offer specialised self-serve inventory. Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit are among only a handful that do.

Marketers can push customised media onto users depending on the information disclosed in their user profiles. A range of demographics can be targeted on POFpro including age, country, gender, marital status, income, ethnicity, children, profession, car ownership, smoker and login count.

Failure to Attract Brand Dollars

Plenty of Fish may be the largest dating site in the world, but it struggles to entice brand dollars. It’s for this reason that iPyxel built POFpro. The idea was to attract affiliate and performance marketers who may be doing some agency work or going through a CPA network.


Founder of iPyxel Creations, Tom Fang, believes his product is comparable to Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) directory, but is a lot more affordable for brand marketers.

“We decided to build a world-class product to bring the traffic source to life, similar to how Facebook PMD’s has brought advanced capabilities to their platform,” Fang said. “It is in fact a niche, performance-driven product for those who want to acquire users at a fraction of what you can do on Facebook.”

Competitors are Site’s ‘Bread and Butter’

Interestingly, Plenty of Fish isn’t averse to opening its platform up to competitors. Match and eHarmony both advertise on the dating website, but the company wants to bring more dating startups on board, calling them its ‘bread and butter’.

While Plenty of Fish is currently iPyxel’s priority, it wants to take its expertise to other projects. Fang even spoke of Twitter as being a potential site that could make use of the technology in his firm’s POFpro advertising platform.

“We built this in part to gain credibility and to show off our product expertise so that we can bring it to Twitter or other bigger traffic sources in the affiliate space,” said Fang. “At the end of the day though, we’re a little guy, and we want to serve other SMBs of the marketing space.”