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US CEO on International Expansion, Fresh Verticals & Mobile Spend

US CEO on International Expansion, Fresh Verticals & Mobile Spend


International expansion, fresh verticals, millions of dollars of investment in mobile and one almighty global performance platform – US company MediaWhiz’s CEO reveals all.

Having hit headlines earlier this year, after being bought by Tel-Aviv-based global display advertising company, the Matomy Media Group, plenty of work has since been going on behind the scenes involving the digital media and performance marketing agency, MediaWhiz, and its affiliate network, MonetizeIt.

Having yesterday announced the international expansion of MonetizeIt, as part of its cross-publishing capabilities with its parent company Matomy, MediaWhiz chief executive officer (CEO), Hakan Lindskog, said this is just a ‘small step’ as the entity as a whole looks to expand its reach – globally.

New Verticals & More Campaigns

In addition to MediaWhiz’s current selection of branded campaigns in verticals such as finance, education, health and beauty and insurance, the changes unveiled mean MediaWhiz can now offer a broader selection of domestic and international affiliate marketing campaigns through MonetizeIt - particularly given the addition of new verticals in game and mobile app downloads, entertainment and dating.

Approximately 150 new affiliate campaigns will initially be available through MonetizeIt and the agency will also expand its base of experienced publishers, allowing advertisers to garner additional traffic to their websites and mobile apps.

“Publishers will benefit from a more diverse set of affiliate campaigns and verticals, and the ability to monetise their international traffic. This initiative represents an important step in our integration with Matomy and follows the recent launch of MediaWhiz Mobile, our mobile performance marketing practice,” Lindskog said.

Benefits also include the utilisation of Matomy Media Group’s mobile tracking capabilities for a wide array of mobile campaigns, improved access to join MediaWhiz’s affiliate network MonetizeIt, and mobile-specific affiliate marketing campaigns.

One Unified Platform

With Matomy having a vast presence in Europe and MediaWhiz’s impact in North America, Lindskog said the ultimate goal, which the company is now working on, is to completely unify Matomy and MediaWhiz’s platforms.

“The process has begun on working towards this, to achieve our goal of becoming one very powerful globalperformance platform. This was one of the major benefits of the acquisition.” Lindskog said.

This means advertisers and affiliates on both sides of the pond (whether with Matomy or MediaWhiz) will eventually have access to thousands of campaigns, from across Europe, North America and the growing South American market which Matomy is present in.

“For advertisers everywhere, this will offer tremendous reach and affiliates will have the largest offer of campaigns,” Lindskog said.

Prior to the MediaWhiz acquisition, powerhouse Matomy invested in UppSite, a company which specialises in creatively getting content into mobile devices, and the year before bought US interactive marketing and advertising agency, Adperio, for an estimated 30 million.

Smaller Players, Competition & the Mobile Boom

On the subject of consolidation, New York-based Lindskog said more and more smaller US companies in the performance marketing sector are looking to consolidate as they just cannot compete with some of the larger players.

“We have seen many examples, over the last two years, of those that want to get out of the business and those that can’t consolidate/cannot find a partner, have failed. This is an industry where scale is important and for some it is just not possible for them to compete.”

While Lindskog would not confirm if there were any further plans to acquire any other performance marketing companies, he did say its dedicated mobile team is continuing to rapidly expand with new team members and said millions will ‘easily’ be spent over the next couple of years on mobile.

“We are investing heavily in mobile lead generation and that is a major growth area for us.” See the A4u news section for more on 'Mobile Lead Generation is the Future'

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