Mobile’s long been hailed as the saviour of retail, but it is Apple’s iPad that’s proving to be head and shoulders above the rest. In new figures released by zanox, the iPad accounts for 53% of all mobile revenue on the performance marketing network.

Android has made some big gains and now sits just behind the iPad in second place. Google’s mobile operating system has fended off the iPhone’s advances, which now has to settle for third in the network’s mobile revenue-generating chart.

Revenue by device graph

Consumers are now more at ease with shopping on mobile than ever before, a point that has been confirmed by zanox chief executive officer, Thomas Joosten: “Consumers appreciate the comfort of having information and shopping possibilities available at all times and in all places.”

The mobile performance barometer is zanox’s yearly report into how its advertisers are faring in the mobile space. The European markets covered by the barometer are Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavia and Poland.

Scandinavians Wise to Mobile

Scandinavia is the region that’s capitalising the most on mobile. Its 7.3% share of total e-commerce revenues is the largest on the continent. Growth in Scandinavia is on the swift side too and its 240% rise between 2011 and 2012 is the second highest in Europe.

Compare Scandinavia’s good news to that of Germany. It has to settle for being the around the average for mark for mobile revenue. While growth was at 135%, the country’s mobile channel share of 3.5% is half that of Scandinavia.

Industry performance by area graph

Across mainland Europe, financial services is again showcasing itself as the sector to be a part of. However, it’s not completely monopolising. The vertical’s annual growth of 155% was only two percentage points in front of retail and shopping.

Apple Winning Mobile OS War

In the battle of the mobile operating systems, Apple’s iOS is trouncing Google Android when it comes to the number of transactions per device, that is, in all but two countries where Android has the upper hand.

Transactions per Device graph

Spaniards and Poles seem to favour Android, suggesting a more price-conscious population in each. Android purchases accounted for 65% in Poland, making it the top country for transactions on the platform in Europe.

Mobile’s growth is set to give way to new companies geared entirely towards the channel, according to Joosten. “It [mobile] also offers a basis for new business models for the advertising industry, the e-commerce market and even for stationary retail.”