Affordable Mobiles speaks to A4u about recent developments including its acquisition of A1 Communications and how this affects affiliates. The mobile phone retailer also discusses the resources and commissions available to publishers and some of the new developments it has in the pipeline.

Name: Affordable Mobiles

Contact: Alastair Kidner


What are some developments that Affordable Mobiles has seen this year to put the company ahead of competitors?

Since the Summer of 2012 it has been full steam ahead with the Affordable Mobiles program. Their acquisition by the excellently positioned ‘A1 Communications’ has meant increased access to technology, budget and resources. This strengthens the already great consumer proposition that the very efficient team of Simon Weedon (Head of Web Trading – A1 Comms Ltd)and his very efficient team continue to put together. They have a more friendly approach towards the publisher market,for example, they found a way to still offer affiliate commission to all partners on iPhone 5 pre-orders, when most other retailers and networks couldn’t.

A lot of time gets put into ensuring that the deals on the site are the very best and most competitive on the marketplace, which is reflected now in a feed of over 780,000 deals. They have the ability to be flexible and market leaders due to their close and direct relationships with the networks & manufacturers, where they continue to build and plan for the future together.

What does this mean for their affiliates?

The added resources invested in the program immediately present opportunities for publishers. As well as increased budget for exposure, promotions and marketing, it enables them to quickly process bespoke publisher requests and to provide enhanced capability both on-site and with publisher tools. Affordable Mobiles have spent time investing in technology over the last year or so and as a result we have been able to construct individual product feeds per publisher if required, as well as co-branded landing portals where needed.

With Affordable Mobiles it is very much about getting results through relationships and the additional resources have been instrumental in strengthening relationships with both old and new partners alike.

What resources/commission does Affordable Mobiles offer its affiliates?

The bulk of commission on the program comes from the sale of Contract Deals, for which they offer £40 in commission on a 45 day cookie. Affordable Mobiles provide publishers with multiple product feeds via the Webgains platform, including a gift deals feed which details over 780,000 offers. For valued partners they are also able to create customised feeds and amend the links to suit, which gives them the ability to offer bespoke and unique deals per partner.

As well as the usual graphic, email and high res creative available as standard via the Webgains platform system, Affordable Mobiles are undertaking significant work to make these resources available to their mobile content partners.

Are there any exciting developments coming up for Affordable Mobiles?

Most of the new developments coming up for Affordable Mobiles revolve around product launches. The Samsung Galaxy IV is released at the end of this month and they have been taking significant pre-orders ahead of the release. To assist publishers, they are creating numerous new co-branded partner packages as well as email campaigns. Affordable Mobiles will also soon be offering EE (Everything Everywhere)on site. Their position as one of the fastest growing independent mobile phone retailers in the UK has enabled them to make ongoing improvement to the user journey and to offer publishers the best possible conversion rates, which has proved them to be the one of the leading e-commerce conversion sites in their industry.

Publishers can sign up to the program here. Alternatively, contact Alastair Kidner.

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