Ahead of next month’s glittering Performance Marketing Awards (PMA) in London, the leading industry event’s host has been revealed as British stand-up comedian Josh Widdicombe.

Regarded as one of the best up-and-coming acts on the UK circuit, having supported the likes of Stephen Merchant, Alan Carr and Michael McIntyre, Widdicombe is set to provide a rip-roaring show.

A4u managing director, Sarah Parsonage, said: “We have continued to ensure that our host is a great example of the next generation of up-and-coming talent in the UK and feel sure attendees will enjoy Widdicombe on this flagship night.”

Widdicombe follows a great line of comedians who have performed at the awards, such as Rufus Hound and Miles Jupp, and as a bit of light-hearted Friday fun, Widdicombe has answered a few questions, below, for PMA partner A4u.

Josh, what game console did you play when you were younger and which game?

I had an Amiga 500 Plus. It wasn’t quite a console, but I never used the word processing options because I wasn’t a dweeb.

If you used cassette-based games, what did you do while it loaded, for four hours?

Turn the lights down and use the flashing colours as a makeshift disco.

Can you remember the first time you browsed the internet?

Yes, I typed ‘The Beatles’ into the browser, nothing came up and I thought ‘this’ll never catch’.

What was your favourite website then?

Pasoti. This is the main hub for Plymouth Argyle supporters to chat. But then you knew that, right?

What is your favourite website now?

Pasoti. Don’t break a winning formula.

Who is your favourite person that you follow on Twitter and why?

I like to follow Yoko Ono as I understand about 5% of her tweets.

Who was your favourite band in the 90s and why?

Menswe@r, because I knew they would stand the test of time.

On May 7 hundreds of attendees, top sponsors and key industry players will fill the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane for an exclusive night of networking, entertainment and of course, the outcome of the esteemed Performance Marketing Awards. Josh Widdicombe is going to be there, will you?

For more news on the event follow @a4u or @pm_awards #PMA13