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Ad-tracking Platform Secures $3 Million of Funding

Ad-tracking Platform Secures $3 Million of Funding


Sticky, a platform for tracking the success of display advertising campaigns, has announced a $3 million round of funding. Its latest investors come from European, technology-focused venture capitalists, Conor and Northzone.

Mathias Plank, founder and chief executive officer of Sticky, is keen on reinvigorating display advertising. “Sticky has the potential to revolutionise this industry,” he said. “Our mission is to help clean up the digital wasteland of advertising.”

Recently rebranded from EyeTrackShop, the company claims that more than 50% of online impressions are never seen and 30% of those considered ‘viewable’ are never seen. Sticky believes its solution is a cure to this so-called ‘ad blindness’.

Campaign tracking

Said to be the world’s first eye-tracking company, and initially funded by Tobii technology in 2009, brand advertisers can use Sticky’s dashboard to monitor an entire ad campaign and get objective data to improve digital performance.

Few details were revealed by partner at Conor Venture Partners, Jarkko Penttilä, on Sticky’s plans for the extra $3 million of funding that has now swelled its coffers, but he was confident the media company would fare well on a global stage.

“Sticky technology will become a must-have in a world of ever-increasing competition for attention, where online brand advertising has been left without quality measurement tools for much too long,” said Penttilä.

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