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US Head Honcho on ‘Exploding’ Affiliate Market

US Head Honcho on ‘Exploding’ Affiliate Market


US performance marketing agency Experience Advertising has released an infographic about the ‘exploding’ affiliate marketing industry as its CEO sheds light on the booming marketplace.

As the affiliate marketing sector, now more commonly known as performance-based marketing’, continues to grow and diversify, new ways of gaining web traffic are constantly being explored and mobile, social and video strategies are becoming even more commonplace.

In terms of defining this thriving performance marketing sector, the infographic describes it as publishing links, banners and information about products or services on a website or blog, and then receiving a sales commission when people click on the banners or links and then make a subsequent purchase on the advertiser’s website.

Infographic Highlights Growth

The company’s infographic, designed by Blue Polo Interactive, seeks to highlight the growth of affiliate marketing and follows a survey conducted by the IAB Affiliate Marketing Council, which found that 77% of advertisers increased their affiliate marketing spend this year.

The survey also found that 50% of advertisers saw a lack of respectable understanding of affiliate marketing at the level of chief executive officer and 93% of advertisers support affiliate marketing as an effective marketing channel.

CEO of Experience Advertising, Evan Weber, said: "Affiliate marketing is an exploding opportunity for many businesses. This is because it's cost-effective and drives incremental revenue if done properly. It's a great way for businesses to diversify their traffic sources." was one of the first companies to embrace affiliate marketing and although it is a dominant online player, it has been joined by many other companies - providing a huge variety of affiliate programmes.

Improved Content Drives Growth

Weber said as companies continue to seek exciting online marketing opportunities, the affiliate channel will continue to be embraced over time – particularly as it is one of the most effective ways to gain website traffic and brand advocates.

Weber, who said that content production and social media are the two most important future areas in affiliate marketing, stressed that growth is also being driven by improved affiliate site content and more transparency within affiliate networks.

“It's important to realise that a lot of hard work is required to be a productive affiliate. It will be essential for affiliates and publishers to remain dedicated if they want to stay ahead of the curve,” Weber added.

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