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Ads & Social Collide - US Network Buys Start-up

Ads & Social Collide - US Network Buys Start-up


US online network Adknowledge, which connects advertisers with ‘appropriate’ audiences, has bought Montipay Inc - which operates as ‘SocialWeekend Labs’.

For an undisclosed amount the 2004-founded digital ad company has scooped up the SocialWeekend Labs 2011 start-up, which helps developers add Facebook and mobile marketing features to their apps. Both parties will be based in Adknowledge's San Francisco office.

The partnership seeks to combine SocialWeekend Labs' app promotion technologies with Adknowledge's capabilities in ad monetisation and paid user acquisition - to build a toolset for app developers to grow their audiences and maximise revenue.

More Tools & More Users

SocialWeekend Labs’ cost metrics include traditional cost-per-action/cost-per-lead, as well as cost-per-like, cost-per-install, cost-per-video view and cost-per-coupon.

Adknowledge has expanded organically and through acquisitions, including the purchase of AdParlor, one of the inaugural Facebook strategic preferred marketing developers.

Founder of SocialWeekend Labs, Shane Walker, said: “Our companies together possess an unrivalled set of tools for Facebook and mobile app developers to maximise revenue and acquire more users cost-effectively.”

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