Confidence in display advertising is waning for finance brands. Martini Media’s latest insights into finance-related ad spend showed that ‘standard display’ had the largest decline when respondents were asked about budget decreases.

Martini Media’s research revealed that only 8% of financial marketers will increase budgets for standard displays ads. Around a quarter of those polled said that they’d be reigning in spend.

Financial brands ad spend

Conducted with Gramercy Institute, Martini’s report confirms there is indeed a widespread migration away from traditional display. Brands now appear to favour richer, more engaging media formats.

Other channels will see larger budgetary increases. Some 59% of those polled will bolster mobile spend, 58% social, 57% video, 44% rich media and 40% will look at siphoning more funds into search.

Smarter Customer Engagement

The findings suggest financial brands are sure that digital represents a smarter way to engage with customers. It’s the opinion of 87% of respondents that premium cost-per-mille on specific sites is worth paying to reach the target audience.

Financial brands have a fair amount of confidence in the success of targeting with 91% believing they can reach their target audience. There’s an overwhelming 88% who also feel they can incorporate niche sites to reach their goals.

President of Martini Media, Tom O’Regan, believes financial brands understand how their customers consume media and that some of the other industries would be wise to follow suit.

“The results of our latest research series clearly show that financial brands understand how their customers consume media,” he said. “Other verticals would be wise to examine these shifts and apply them to their own multi-channel spend strategies and plans.”