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Zanox and Affiliate Window Announce 'Powerful' New App Tracking

Zanox and Affiliate Window Announce 'Powerful' New App Tracking


Zanox and Affiliate Window's SDK for tracking performance marketing techniques in mobile apps has now emerged from the beta period it has been in since mid-2012. Both networks' advertisers will now have access to the newfangled tool.

Android and iOS are currently being supported by Affiliate Window and zanox. Advertisers can market their app on a performance basis through each company’s global publisher network on two of the biggest smartphone operating systems.

Whilst companies like Revived Media in the US already offer cost-per-install (CPI) tracking, the networks' SDK provides numerous other methods that will flag how an app is being used to advertisers.

Measuring App Engagement

User engagement can be measured and encouraged through in-app actions, which might include in-app registration, purchases and implementations. The actions of returning customers can also be viewed using the SDK to give advertisers useful insights.

What happens if a user is in an area devoid of any usable mobile reception? Zanox and Affiliate Window have planned for this eventuality by caching offline events that are then registered once the necessary bandwidth materialises.

Sessions are tracked by the SDK, enabling advertisers to evaluate the actions of a consumer during the period of their visit. The coding measures the duration of a visit by following everything that transpires after the first click.

Distributing Commission

Using zanox and Affiliate Window's SDK, advertisers can control how they distribute commission. There are options to pay for installations, in-app actions or both. The commission can also be changed or optimised throughout the process.

Till Göhre, senior director of product and innovation at zanox, believes the SDK excels in a number of areas and revealed there are plans to continue enhancing it for any advertisers connected to the network.

“With the SDK for apps, zanox offers the best and most powerful tracking tool on the performance marketing market,” he said. “Reliability, security and data protection are our highest priorities in its conception and remain so for its further development.”

Zanox and Affiliate Window are keen to stress that the SDK doesn't utilise sensitive user data such as the Unique Device Identifier Number. The networks also state that any experienced iOS or Android developer will be able to integrate the SDK into an app within minutes.

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