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Explosive Mobile Growth Triggers New Scrutiny Tools

Explosive Mobile Growth Triggers New Scrutiny Tools


As the revolutionary world of mobile continues to spawn an endless amount of new apps and tools aimed at savvy performance marketers, it ups the need for more comprehensive monitoring solutions – according to the Compuware Corporation.

With the boom and buzzword of ‘mobile’ looking set to stick around, there seems to be no better tool for advertisers, publishers and pretty much all businesses, than the trusty smartphone. But with the surge of on-the-go sales, or abandonment of sales, a trend in monitoring, tracking and analysing activity via apps and mobile seems to be increasing.

With more investment in mobile across the performance marketing industry, and with major networks such as Affiliate Window and Tradedoubler upping their 2013 focus on mobile by introducing new mobile tracking tools, this shows how feedback on app usage is becoming even more important.

In reaction to this, US technology performance company, Compuware Corporation, has unveiled plans for the ‘first and only’ mobile application performance management (APM) service. The free offering combines deep visibility into the end user experience with crash and business analytics and performance metrics, for native mobile applications.

Users Need More

The programme gives organisations the ability to analyse who is using their mobile applications, see performance by device and browser, know the impact of device characteristics such as signal strength, battery charge and memory - all with integrated crash detection and diagnostics.

Vice president of product management for Compuware's APM business unit, Steve Tack, said the company found that more and more of its clients were calling for better solutions for managing mobile applications.

“They (customers) started with crash analytics, but as mobile applications have become mainstream, they now want crash, performance and business analytics all in one easy-to-use solution. As mobile applications become industrialised, operations, development and business teams are looking for all three dimensions in a single Mobile APM solution,” Tack said.

Explosive Growth

Tack said the service’s insight enables IT and business leaders to proactively address performance issues and maximise business results, which is of ‘critical importance’ as mobile engagement continues its explosive growth.

The free offering enables 24/7 tracking of user behaviour in the clients’ mobile app, code-level details of errors and crashes and can correlate user experience metrics to conversions and purchase amounts.

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