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UK Publisher & Major EU Network Reveal US Plans

UK Publisher & Major EU Network Reveal US Plans


Performance marketing giant Tradedoubler, which has operations throughout Europe and Brazil, has this week revealed to A4u that it is looking at venturing into New York in 2013.

Having the wisdom of working in the US previously, Tradedoubler’s chief executive officer Rob Wilson, said the market is very similar to the UK, accept networks tend to form tighter relationships with their publishers.

“We have looked at opening an office in New York, really focused, not on the advertiser side, but on the publishers’ side, and looking at really leveraging US-based publishers across our advertiser base in all our markets,” Wilson said.

Wilson, who has had ‘talks’ with some of his US contacts, said the company is ‘potentially’ looking at moving into the US this year as this would give publishers access to plenty of exclusive advertising ideas across its vast European base.

“I really think there is an opportunity to broaden the types of traffic we have got and I think the US is more developed in the different types of traffic it drives,” Wilson added.

Across the Pond

Another prominent player in the performance marketing arena has also exclusively confirmed to A4u that it is planning an assault on the thriving and competitive American market.

After launching a US cashback website in November 2011, UK-founded company TopCashBack has now decided to open its first US office next month - in an attempt to gain further traction and establish a greater presence.

TopCashBack’s head of communications and public relations, Natasha-Rachel Smith, said since launching online in the US, the website has been doing ‘fantastically well’, which is why the move seemed a natural step.

Since its debut it has carried out $19.5 million worth of transactions to its 2,400 retail partners in North America. As a result Smith herself will hop across the pond in March to open the cashback site’s first overseas base.

The Big Apple

Smith anticipates the new US hub will be based in New York tri-state area and said employees will gradually be sourced from the US talent pool, as and when required.

“Naturally, with the time difference, this move will help our US relations and will allow us to maximise our client relationships," Smith said. “This is an enormous and very important step for us and we are very excited about the move.”

As the only 100% cashback site in the US, Smith said the brand has a strong point of difference in the ‘more competitive, but friendly’ market.

Cultural Differences

Smith said although there are a lot of cultural differences between the two nations, the US operates on the same TopCashBack business model it uses in the UK.

As cashback sites have been around a lot longer in America, Smith said there are a lot of developments to keep abreast of and there is plenty more to learn about the market.

As cashback adverts are not prevalent in the US, Smith said this may also be another avenue to explore in the future. Although research would have to be done to see if its current UK advert, featuring a man prancing around in vibrant orange parachute pants to MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’ tune, would go down well with US viewers.

TopCashBack’s three offices are based in Bolton, Uttoxeter and London.

Keeping it British

Despite TopCashBack’s push into the new market, rival UK cashback company Quidco says it has no plans to follow suit.

Quidco’s managing director, Andy Oldham, said the cashback brand, which has nearly three million members, has no plans to launch outside of the UK as they are ‘focused on cementing Quidco as an iconic British brand’.

"Whilst international expansion may seem an exciting proposition, it is not without its challenges and potential pitfalls,” Oldham said.

"The cashback marketplace varies enormously from country to country across the globe. As such, a move into any international space must be planned meticulously and strategically to ensure it reflects each market's specific requirements. For the time being we remain focused on home soil."

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