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Video Pre-rolls Surpass Banner Ad Performance

Video Pre-rolls Surpass Banner Ad Performance


Banner advertising’s performance fails to match that of video pre-rolls in the UK. The new research from multi-screen advertising firm, YuMe, shows how brand recall is three and a half times higher for pre-rolls compared to banner ads.

YuMe was assisted by UK research firm, Decipher, in compiling the study. The results came from more than 1,500 respondents who consumed mobile media regularly on tablets, smartphones and a combination of the two.

Brand recall graph

Drilling down further into brand recall, a similar dominance could be found on smartphones and tablets for the pre-roll. On smartphones, video’s performance was more than double that of banners and in tablets it was close to quadruple.

Brand association varied across devices. The one ever-present factor was that pre-rolls were able to deliver a little over double the brand association of their banner advertising counterparts.

Pre-roll Inspires Intent to Purchase

Pre-roll mustered a higher intent to purchase advertised products than banners and there was little difference across laptop, tablet and smartphone. YuMe notes that purchase intent doesn’t necessarily equate to a buying desire on the same device.

Purchase intent graph

Respondents displayed a favorability to the exposed brands that was on average two and a half times more on pre-roll than banners.

Owen Hanks, general manager of YuMe, highlighted parts of the study that showed little difference between devices and considers this as proof that multiscreen campaigns should become the norm for advertisers.

“What the research has shown is that media opportunities on mobile are not simply a matter of screen size; they are multi-modal functions of environment, content, and screen,” he said.

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Simon Holland

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