Kiosked, a leading platform enabling Smart Content™, announces today that they have entered a partnership with FusePump. FusePump offer their clients a completely managed service for their data feed production, integration and optimization.

Kiosked and FusePump together provide an innovative solution for e-commerce players. The partnership gives FusePump’s clients an attractive opportunity to connect their product catalogues with Kiosked within seconds using FusePump’s feeds. This guarantees them dynamically updating kiosks with localized and up-to-date product information everywhere.

Kiosked CEO and Founder, Micke Paqvalén says: “This is a great chance for FusePump and Kiosked to combine two advanced solutions and help more companies enter the Kiosked ecosystem. The partnership ensures that brands using FusePump’s feeds are well positioned to turn all of their content into smart storefronts.”

Lina Patel, Head of Partnerships at FusePump, is also enthusiastic about the partnership. “It is great to be working with advanced technologies that are driving innovation and provide customers with relevant product information. FusePump’s clients will benefit from the partnership because they can easily start using Kiosked and get their online content activated with kiosks and thereby get closer to consumers with their products.”

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More Information

Micke Paqvalén, CEO & Founder, Kiosked Ltd, mobile +358 400 396 394,

Lina Patel, Head of Partnerships, FusePump, +44 (0) 207 199 7855,

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