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Fresh Focus on Multi-Channel Marketing

Fresh Focus on Multi-Channel Marketing


Top American execs from companies with corporate revenues in excess of $1 billion plan to sharpen their focus on multi-channel marketing and step up their use of digital technologies and analytics in 2013, according to a new survey by Accenture.

The global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, surveyed 200 senior sales and marketing executives of large US pharmaceutical companies.

Naturally, following ‘cost reduction’ as a number-one strategic priority for the year, executives ranked their top strategic priorities accordingly - mastering multi-channel marketing (70%), improving use and effectiveness of digital interactions (60%) and exploiting analytics (56%).

Results indicated that 87% plan to combine their cost-cutting efforts with increased marketing efficiency through greater use of analytics to target spending and drive improved return on investment. A total of 83% said boosting their use of digital and multi-channel interactions is key and 72% plan on utilising third-party service providers.

Increase Digital Interactions

North American managing director of Accenture, Craig Robertson, said: “It’s clear that mastering multi-channel marketing and realising the full potential of digital technologies and analytics, is a top agenda item for sales and marketing executives who intend to achieve greater marketing efficiencies and meet the needs of their customers.

“Over the next two years, the executives surveyed plan to increase their use of such digital interactions by 26% on average.”

A total of 77% of execs said their organisations are already using third-party providers to augment sales and marketing activities. Of those executives, digital and content production (64%) and analytics (62%) are areas where third-party services providers are used the most.

A total of 66% of survey respondents said they intend to use third-party providers to manage the increase in digital and content production and interactions, 18% intend to build in-house capabilities and 12% intend to do both.

Better Tools

“Progressive life sciences companies are seeking new commercial models where operational activities such as multi-channel campaign management, digital content production, product launch management and campaign performance analysis are handled by external parties,” added Robertson.

“This can enable their resources to better focus on understanding their customers and defining unique ways to serve them to drive strategic differentiation.”

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