ESellerPro’s merchants are set to benefit from Flubit’s discount-generating site. The new partnership will give any retailers that use eSellerPro’s platform, the option to make all the products they currently sell, available through Flubit.

The general premise for Flubit is simple: Consumers find a product they’d like to purchase and then enter its URL. A lower-priced offer for the same product is then created specifically for that person.

From the eSellerPro point of view, merchant orders are automatically processed without veering from their normal selling patterns. The idea is to bring shoppers and retailers together to create bespoke offers.

Highly Targeted Offers

Sellers are favouring Flubit because of how it differs from your traditional product listing platform. Instead of creating offers that appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers, retailers can target individual buyers privately.

Flubit touts conversion rates of more than 30% on the products it sells and a lower cost-per-acquisition than other e-marketing channels. It tries to set itself apart by not charging integration, monthly or fixed channel fees.

ESellerPro’s director of global partnerships and alliances, Andrew Norman, revealed his company receives many requests for partnerships and it was Flubit’s simplicity that really stood out.

“Flubit is new and still growing but it’s a service packed full of potential,” he said. “To allow our sellers the ability to link quickly and easily into this channel is extremely important to us.”