UK business to business sales is one of the best performing sectors. Open rates of 28% were uncovered by Sign-up’s new report, which placed it ahead of all the other verticals.’s 2013 email benchmarking report found that B2B sales weren’t quite the top performer in terms of clickthrough, which stood at 5%. New media pushed it into second place thanks to a clickthrough of 6%.


IT-related emails suffered the worst open rates of just 16%. As for clickthroughs, legal email newsletters were revealed to take almost a quarter (2%) of B2B sales.

Top Engagement Topics

The best three topics for engaging with users are new media, publishing and fashion. Their clicks to opens were 27%, 20% and 18% respectively. Travel followed fairly closely in fourth with 19%.

Clicks to opens

Clicks to open aims to provide a deeper insight into campaign performance by looking actions after a campaign has been opened. When looking at percentages, it’s worth taking into account that each email campaign will have a different objective.

One example given by is that of the events vertical, which has clicks to opens of only 9%. It’s likely that the emails are simply flyers that have all the relevant information and don’t require the reader to click away.

Reader loyalty

Reader loyalty for each vertical was also revealed in the study. IT topped the chart in this category with 4%. The figure has been calculated by looking at the ratio of unsubscriptions to opens.