Measure for Apps is now available from audience measurement company, Quantcast. The online utility gives publishers or developers of Android and iOS apps access to analytical data on how their product is performing.

The new service is a natural extension of the company’s core service, Quantcast Measure, which has been around since 2006. With the addition of Measure for Apps, it’s now possible to learn about digital audiences across the web, mobile and mobile apps.

Quantcast’s tool offers the chance to see traffic stats such as installs, uniques and visits for particular app versions across a predefined time period. The data, which can be set to public or private, can be filtered to show top-performing countries.

Insights into Device Usage

Publishers and developers can view information on device usage too. It’s possible to get a breakdown on top devices, carriers, connection types, and operating systems by usage, across all apps and versions.

Users of Google Analytics will be familiar with a page’s bounce rate, a figure that shows the percentage of users who stay inside a site’s confines. Measure for Apps serves up similar audience loyalty information and can compare it to other apps on the system.

Konrad Feldman, CEO and co-founder of Quantcast, spoke of his desire to give publishers and advertisers more than the standard information offered by platform operators, Apple and Google.

“By directly measuring mobile app consumption, publishers and advertisers can drill down beyond app installations to learn key insights including audience loyalty and usage,” he said.