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POW: Creating a Mobile-friendly website

POW: Creating a Mobile-friendly website


Name: Telnames

Contact: Loren White


For the benefit of those that may not have already heard of you, who is Telnames?

In a nutshell, Telnames lets you create a mobile friendly site that is great when viewed on all platforms, or one that complements your existing, non-mobile friendly site; we offer a service to companies and individuals to ensure their sites are fully compatible with all mobile devices.

In today’s connected world, consumers have become used to searching for the services they need online. Indeed, according to Google, 95% of smartphone users regularly search for – and, as a result, get in contact with – local service providers online. What’s more, Google’s research reveals that when people use mobile search they tend to take action immediately, with one in five making an instant phone call (source: Google Research, September 2012). That’s why mobile friendly sites are so important, especially to small businesses.

For many small companies and local businesses, it’s all about time, effort, cost and perception and many companies think you need a heavyweight site that’s complicated to build and a hassle to maintain (think responsive design).

But, unless you’re selling a lot of stuff online, most people who want to find out about your business probably don’t want much more than your contact information and a basic overview of what you do. All of which means it’s probably enough to just ‘mobilise’ your ‘contact us’ or ‘about us’ page of your traditional website (if you have one). If you’re in the restaurant business, for example, you may want to make your menu available too. Or you may want to feature the opening hours of your business, include a map, and offer customers the opportunity to follow you on social media, or promote a special offer.

That’s exactly what the new service from Telnames makes possible. In just minutes you can create a mobile-friendly .tel site that looks good and gives people all your essential contact information in one easy-to-view location. A site works in parallel with your existing site (if you have one), so you really can have the best of both worlds and ensure that your online presence is covered – whether customers are searching on the move or from their desktop.

Can you give us a brief overview of the Telnames affiliate programme?

Telnames’ affiliate programme recognises that publishers are specialists in their own field. Our aim is to develop a personalised approach and provide affiliates with bespoke offers which suit their business model. We’re always looking into new ideas our publishers have for campaigns and are constantly investing in innovative technologies and new affiliate models. We would love to form partnerships with digital agencies, web developers and any B2B service providers whose offerings complement the Telnames service.

What resources/commission do you provide to help publishers deliver sales on your programme?

We provide a broad selection of creative for our affiliates and are adding to this all the time. Additionally we welcome any special requests for content and creative to assist with the sales process.

As far as commissions are concerned, we operate a generous sliding scale based on performance as follows;

0-20 sales a month will generate commissions of $11.50 per sale, 20-50 sales a month will generate commissions of $13.00 per sale, 50-100 sales a month will generate commissions of $14.50 per sale and sales volumes over 100 a month will generate commissions of $16.00 per sale

What current offers and promotions do you have for publishers?

To coincide with our current TV advert - (UK) and http:// (US) - we’re offering a huge 40% off promo code for all Telnames affiliates to promote. The promo codes are as follows;

UK40 for UK affiliates

US40 for all our US affiliates.

EU40 for all our EU affiliates

The same commission rates still apply as does the performance incentive. We hope that all our affiliates will use the video links to promote the product as well as promoting the promo codes.

What are some developments that Telnames has seen this year that puts you ahead of your competitors?

We’re pleased to announce that Telnames now includes the option for .tel mobile website visitors to save listed vouchers to the new Apple Passbook app. This enables customers searching on the move to file promotions from their favourite local merchants in Apple’s “virtual folder”.

This means that consumers can now save vouchers to be scanned and redeemed at the point of purchase. What’s more, push notifications inform customers of new deals and promotions. This is a truly innovative platform for small local businesses as people are building their own ‘local directory’ in their pocket.

The number of retailers getting on board with Apple’s Passbook has grown rapidly since its launch last autumn, and many industry commentators are recognising its potential to transform the voucher industry. A Telnames mobile website can help merchants tap into this new technology to allow brands to build better relationships with their customers.

What advice would you give to new affiliates that have recently joined your programme?

We are open to campaign ideas and welcome enquiries and comments, here are some helpful resources/ideas that we feel work well for our current publisher base;

And finally, how can interested affiliates get in touch?

We proactively respond to emails and guarantee to do this in as short a space as possible Please feel free to reach us on

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