Unexpected delivery costs have caused 77% of UK consumers to abandon their online shopping carts. The statistic shows how retailers are still lacking in some of the most basic requirements for e-commerce.

UK consumers weren’t alone in the frustrations that came as a result of inadequate delivery information. Of the six countries surveyed, Germany was tied with the UK for the largest number of shoppers who’d given this reason for cart abandonment.


The eMarketer-published data from LivePerson’s The Connecting With Customers Report reveals other obstacles for Germany’s consumers too. The lack of product, service or delivery information was a problem for 75% of respondents.

France and the UK also experience the same issues from a lack of detail from retailers. The two countries were joint second behind Germany with 60% of those surveyed disclosing how it was a concern for them.

Communication Lacking

One other data snippet that’s sure to please LivePerson is how UK consumers were displeased by a lack of communication option. There were 47% who found it irritating when they wanted to ask a question, but couldn’t find the answer, which was more than any of the other surveyed nations.

Dominic Edmunds, founder and president of cart recovery firm, SaleCycle, thinks there are a number of delivery-related issues that can be addressed by retailers to increase the chances of a consumer converting.

“It’s important to be up-front on delivery expectations, whilst offering multiple delivery options and click-to-collect services significantly reduces abandonment rates,” he said.